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We have Expert Cat Groomers who Prioritize Your Pet’s Health

Call us to experience our passion for grooming and our reliable, individualized treatment! We offer cat grooming services in Nairobi and Kiambu. The skilled cat groomers at Mobile Pet Spa will pamper and style your cat in the convenience of your home. A snout-to-tail examination, which involves extensively inspecting your pet in places you probably don’t regularly look at or touch, is a necessary step in the grooming process. For a stress-free experience, all of our grooming treatments are carried out using feline friendly handling methods!

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cat grooming services in Nairobi

Cat Grooming Customized Packages

Whatever your cat’s grooming needs are, our mobile cat groomers in Nairobi and Kiambu will get you sorted. Your cat’s comfort is my primary focus, and whether you need your cat dematting or prefer a gentler style of pet grooming, we are always available to discuss your needs. When it comes to pet grooming, our attention to detail is vital, and we always make certain that the cats in our care are treated with the highest respect.

  • De-Shedding Treatment: It removes the cat’s dead undercoat while also protecting the skin from the sun’s heat and allowing it to breathe. De-shedding is a health enhancement for all cats and also helps prevent hairballs after cat grooming

  • Skin and Coat Moisturizing: Cat grooming provides healthy skin in cats. Cat’s skin should be supple and clear, not oily, flaky, or lumpy, and healthy coats should be lustrous and silky, not brittle or coarse.

  • Full Haircuts: This grooming is provided through thorough brushing and trimming by our cat groomers
    Cats with long hair may require brushing every day. Cat groomers go above and beyond simple brushing. They deal with knots and matted fur and provide long-haired pets that require more upkeep and a haircut.

  • Belly Shaving: It is an extended sanitary trim which involves shaving the area up the belly to the armpits of the front legs, as well as under the tail, around the rectum, and between the back legs.
  • Paw Balm Moisturizing: This nourishing balm is great for treating nose pad problems like chapped, dry, cracked, or ulcerated cat noses. It also aids in the treatment of skin conditions including nasal hyperkeratosis, which causes the skin of the nose to become dry, flaky, and hard and develop calluses-like characteristics.

  • Flea and Tick Shampooing: Two of the more frequent problems that affect pets and pet owners are flea and tick infestations. Because of this, preventing flea and tick infestations is an integral element of cat care in pet grooming. No matter what mischief your cat gets into, monthly cat grooming help to keep them healthy and free of pests.

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Cat Grooming Services that Prioritizes Your Pet’s Health

Regular cat grooming will eliminate hair from your pet’s undercoat that might not come off with regular brushing or combing. Our skilled cat groomers are always willing to give you the best of this.

This intense hydrating using sprays that gives dry skin shine and sheen. Dander is removed and shedding is reduced.

Cats with long hair may require brushing every day. Mobile Pet Spa cat groomers go above and beyond simple brushing. They deal with knots, and matted fur and provide a haircut to your long-haired cat

For long-haired cats whose belly area tends to mat quickly, the Belly Shave is a fantastic solution. This procedure can be provided by a qualified cat groomer as part of a routine grooming appointment.

This is a great way to keep pet cats entertained. It is the best treatment for your cat’s dry, rough paw pads.

Fleas and ticks are instantly killed and this helps to put an immediate halt to the suffering of your cat being bitten by fleas.

Cat Grooming Services FAQs

The biggest advantage is having a happier, healthier cat who does not suffer from any painful and potentially life-threatening issues. Furthermore, frequent grooming lowers shedding, eliminates hairballs, sharp nails, decreases allergy problems, and promotes a cleaner environment as well as a cleaner cat. The best aspect is that you don’t have to perform any grooming yourself! Let us handle it!

A cat that is groomed on a regular basis (roughly every 6 weeks) will not have such issues. Because the cat groomer handles the cat on a frequent basis and examines every part of its body during each visit. Any health issues that may occur can be identified early on, increasing the possibility of effective intervention.

We have a great deal of patience and skill when it comes to dematting. The usage of appropriate equipment and products is quite helpful. We’re willing to give it a shot as long as your pet tolerates it. We will not, however, if your pet displays signs of discomfort or stress. Given the de-matting processes we employ, most pets do well.

1. Make an appointment by filling out our booking form, calling, or WhatsApp at +254-741-627-160.
2. After providing your complete information and the service you require, a grooming appointment will be scheduled.
3. The groomer will come to your home on the arranged date and time to groom your cat.

Most cats, contrary to popular opinion, do not mind being bathed. In fact, many people appear to find bathing enjoyable and remain calm during the process. We utilize particular procedures to gradually introduce a cat to the bathing process until they are accustomed to it.